More Than 3,038 Property Agents Have Learned These “Quantum Leap” Digital Smart Marketing Skill For Achieving 5 to 6 Figures Commission in Sales Very Easily & Saving Advert Cost By A Whopping 90%. PLUS Getting Loads Of Hot And Highly Qualified Buyers & Investors Who Are Ready to Transact Soon! EVEN IN THIS BAD MARKET! SO CAN YOU!! So Come for this “Mind-Blowing” Hands-On Workshop

2019 Digital "Hacking"
 18th Nov Time: 1pm - 5pm
25th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

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Finally, Property Agents With 'Shoe-String' Advert Budgets Can Now OUTSMART Their Top-Producer Colleagues & Even Out-Perform Them... How? By Adopting Smart, Extremely Low Cost & Fast-Results Digital Marketing Skills!​

About the Speaker

Joseph Siat has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. For the past 7 years, he adopted Powerful Digital Marketing solely for his property business which resulted in astonishing sales performance transacting more than S$100 million value worth of properties. Thus, he became a veteran in this field much longer & more experience than any digital or social media trainers in the market. As a result, he imparted this digital marketing skill sets to his agents and they too reaped incredible 5 to 6 digit in commission sale results as well. Today, he is being sought after much for his digital marketing expertise primarily in real estate. With years of going through "roller coaster" peak & bottom moments that describe a tough real estate career, he still emerged victoriously & also garnered many prestigious awards. As a frequent top director of the agency, he also conducts powerful training in various real estate disciplines. In addition, he has expanded his Digital Marketing capabilities to coaching those in various industries outside of real estate as well.

2019 Digital "Hacking" 

 18th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

25th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

FREE 4-hr Workshop. Fill in your details and click 'Reserve'.

Come This Workshop & Discover:

The No. 1 Career “Suicide” That May Affect 80% Real Estate Agents! How? By Wasting 92% of Your Precious Money On Wrong Advertising Methods…

Digital Smart Marketing is the ONLY Career “Life Saver”


In 2004, a lot of my high achiever top producer buddies were driving luxurious car BMW, Mercedes. Shockingly today some of them are working as security guards, delivery men, & Uber or Grab drivers… How did that happen??


As RES, we are frequently “Slapped” with high marketing cost. Believe it or not, if you don’t learn how to stop this ever increasing advert price hike, you may be heading the same path as my ex-colleagues sooner than you think.


Let’s look at some money-wasters that could potentially “kill” your career

Huge-WasterπŸ‘ŽπŸ»#1  Still Relying On Printed Media


”So Fed up!😑keep spending & spending & yet the sales I closed cannot even cover the ridiculous monthly 4 to 5-figure expenses on flyers, distributions, newspaper, bus banners, brochures…Sigh!!” 1 of my frustrated agent friends complained about high advert expenses. Does this Happen to you as well? I have heard this Many times!


By now you should already know conventional marketing is not effective anymore.


But are you still throwing away $1,000 to $10,000 on flyers & newspaper ads every month hoping clients will contact you?


😱My Gosh….  that will be a whopping $12,000 to $120,000 A Year!! Why are you throwing your ‘work like crazy’ hard-earned money down the drain?  


Nowadays, 95% clients search for properties online. Thus the number of leads generated from printed media has reduced drastically. And paper advertising media rates are still increasing!


Let’s look at more horrible wastage:


Huge-WasterπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ#2  Increase Higher Advert $$ To Survive The Soft Market


Many RES has fallen into this ‘Trap’.


The rationale is in order to capture a diminishing number of clients’ exposures, you need to increase advertising costs by 200% - 300%. Doing so will let you capture the ‘Lion’s Share’ of Leads. Hence, your expenses shoot up tremendously.


ISN'T IT CRAZY??😀 .... Continue like that your pocket will be sucked dry like a bone! 


If so….Won’t you like some proven digital marketing techniques which RES can use to drastically cut down advertising costs by 80% -100%!!??


Don’t rub your eyes…you see it right….even 100%!πŸ˜ƒ


Which means ZERO COST Digital Marketing methods do exist. 


You owe yourself the chance to come find out!

2019 Digital "Hacking" 

 18th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

25th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

FREE 4-hr Workshop. Fill in your details and click 'Reserve'.


Huge-WasterπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ#3   Rely Heavily on Expensive Property Listing Portals.


Do you know the top few property listing portals which RES rely so heavily on, are actually 90% over-priced? Horrible Right?


Don't you think That's A Total RIP-OFF!!!😑


Because, in comparison, there exists some $0 property portals out there. By using the right techniques, you can actually get even more leads than those expensive property listing portals (PLP).


Recently, as you know by now, there was a major Uproar among us RES over this famous property portal notorious for their yearly 100% increase in subscription fee.


They strike again this time by increasing their rate at a ridiculous 400% UP!


Over 1,000 of agents petitioned but it was useless. It didn’t stop them! Their plan worked because the subscribers that remained were mainly top producers & not the struggling agents. Therefore the rest “migrated’ to other cheaper PLP.


But don’t you know there is no guarantee that these so call cheaper PLPs won’t imitate their competitor by increasing their fee as well.


So are we forever at their mercies to bring us leads? Are we going to pay through our nose forever?


The good news is we have a “Hacking” digital formula that can beat these property portal “sharks” at their game.






Huge-WasterπŸ‘ŽπŸ»#5   AdWords PPC Is Even More Expensive.


By far this is the most powerful Page 1 Google Search Result ranking method for your website!


Using this will Reap HUGE Sales as it takes only JUST A CRAZY⏱️20 mins (instead of 6 months using SEO) to ‘bump’ your website to page 1 of search result.


The faster your client can search & find you on page 1 search result, the faster they will contact you & bring you potentially sales…AND IT WORKS!


However, very few property agents adopt this advertising method because it’s equally as “cut throat” expensive as SEO.

Google escalates cost for page one advert position via their competitive bidding algorithm.


When more agents "compete" on the bidding, cost per click to their websites Sky-Rocketed! It’s Crazy that a $10 to even $20 cost per click (CPC) can incur a hefty S$5,000 to $10,000 per month per campaign of advertising dollars.


GOOD NEWS! Did you know our participantsπŸ‘©‍πŸ’ΌπŸ‘¨‍πŸ’Όhave managed to “Hack” Google AdWords PPC??


They were able to achieve less than $1.88 cost per click(CPC) & spend NO more than S$400 per month on a campaign.


Plus, clients can still search & find their website on Google Page 1 search result EVERYDAY!!






2019 Digital "Hacking" 

 18th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

25th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

FREE 4-hr Workshop. Fill in your details and click 'Reserve'.

2019 Digital "Hacking" 

 18th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

25th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

FREE 4-hr Workshop. Fill in your details

and click 'Reserve'.


Huge-WasterπŸ‘ŽπŸ»#4   Search Engine Optimization (SEO):


If you happen to get a price quotes from SEO agencies to optimized your websites, it will give you a heart attackπŸ–€. Shockingly, it costs a 5-figures sum!


SEO is VERY important as it will bump & rank your website to 1st page of Google search results. Because 95% clients search online for properties and 92% only contact agents whose website are found on page 1 results.


Here’s the Big Problem. SEO is too High Cost & can take 3 – 6 months to Rank. Some agents even take expensive SEO courses hoping to save cost by optimizing their websites themselves. But they have gotten more confused at the end.


Total Waste of Time⏲ & MoneyπŸ’°.  


So, SEO IS NOT FOR AGENTS! It's just too EXPENSIVE & Takes Too Long to rank

on Google Search Result Page 1.

What you need is a PROVEN formula which can bump up your website to page 1 in just A FEW MINUTES…


YES, JUST A FEW MINUTES! And At a fraction of your advert cost. Come Discover How!

Huge-WasterπŸ‘ŽπŸ»#6   Any Digital Or Facebook Marketing Course Will Do:


Seriously, 95% of these courses are not even Real Estate focused. Though some course providers claimed they teach 100% Real Estate Leads Generation methods. But, the trainers themselves are not even RES.


Worst, some claim to be Ex RES with only less than 5 years’ experience. They obviously quitted half way & have not gone through enough market downturns to coach us on how to overcome.

“A Karate Student Must be Taught By KARATE MasterπŸ₯‹”. Agents should be taught by veteran agents! 


So, Is It really that Important to be taught by own people?


If not, how can these non-RES trainers deeply understand your problems or needs as RES better?


Worst... how can they ACCURATELY identify weakness & strength in marketing different types of property?


Understand this… Selling real estate is so totally different from selling consumable products taught by these Non-RES trainers. And don’t let any “Online Coaches” tell you OTHERWISE!


From Experience, there is no such thing as “One Size Fits All” in digital marketing. Eg. You cannot adopt Facebook marketing to sell or rent all kinds of properties.


Worst Is... Did you know there were few occasions Facebook change their advertising policy? That disrupted lots of agent advertisers as they have to scramble to change their ads to comply with the policy.


And Facebook Is Going To Do It Again!!


Imagine losing Huge Opportunity Cost of high commission deals when your client contact other agents who used other digital platforms at that time like e.g. Video Marketing!


And you know losing business to other competitors like this Is Very Very Frustrating!! It's difficult to "Swallow"... Feel very "Painful" for days. How I know?? I 'KANA' BEFORE!!😭😭


You Really Need Alternatives!


You need alternate digital marketing platforms to safeguard against any glitches!


Come this workshop & hear how a veteran RES of 19 years’ experience transacted over $100M value worth of properties. He achieved this by adopting YouTube, Facebook & AdWords marketing plus “Bump-Up” Property Listing Skills.


Not only that… View over 30 (out of 100s of) Property Agents’ Testimonials of how they achieved high sales commission by 200% or more.


TRULY This Event IS For RES, By RES βœ”️

2019 Digital "Hacking" 

 18th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

25th Nov Time 1pm - 5pm

FREE 4-hr Workshop. Fill in your details and click 'Reserve'.

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